72 Hour Observation Forecast for Retford / Worksop


    Heavens Above For Retford / Worksop 


    Astronomical Calendar


    Astronomical Calculators

    Astronomical Calculators - Calculations of orbital elements, transit times etc. 

    Time and date - General calculations of time and date data for astronomy 

    US Naval Observatory - Many functional calculators of Astronomical phenomena 

    A selection of astronomical web sites (mostly compiled by Michele)


    Rother Valley Optics
    Shop situated in Kiveton Park, between Sheffield and Worksop.
    Sky and Telescope magazine
    Astronomy Now magazine
    Sky at Night magazine
    The Society for Popular Astronomy
    A university website, which will keep you in touch with solar events strong enough to trigger a visible aurora over Great Britain.
    Make your own planisphere. This will help you to identify constellations.
    Galaxy Zoo
    Help the leading astronomers to classify galaxies. This is a world wide project.
    Sundial making projects,suitable for adults and children.
    Pictures and information.
    BBC Science
    A wide variety of topics.
    Beautiful space images from NASA and vast amounts of information about space flight'

    This is a one page site, which changes daily and provides up to date information on current astronomical phenomena.

    Part of the Canadian Space Agency website. Beautiful pictures of arorae and live all sky views. (Thanks to Paul Tubby)