Members' Astronomy Photos


    Geoff Mariner - The Terminator

    8in Meade 

    Mobile phone

    13 Mar 2011 21:51


    David Wilson - Sinus Iridium

    12in Meade Lightbridge

    Digiscoped compact digital

    11 Jun 2011 22:37


    Richard Baugh - The Ring Nebula

    Orion Optics 20cm F6 Europa deluxe

    SC1.5 modified webcam

    20 Jul 2007


    Julian Matthews

    Solar photography with my
    Explore Scientific 102 mm Triplet refractor
    & the ASI 120 MC-2 with a Baader Sun filter.

    On 13 April2016. two sunspots were visible,
    AR 12529 is the larger one and AR12530 (upper left). 
    To give an idea of size, you could fit 2-3 earth
    diameters inside AR 12529!


    Julian Matthews

    Planetary shots of Jupiter

    All taken with my Meade 8" LX10 SCT,
    mounted on a Sky Watcher HEQ5 Pro. 
    The camera used is a ZWO ASI 120 MC-s.

    All images are obtained by taking AVI's
    movies of 60 seconds due to the planet's
    quick rotation at around 100 frames per second
    resulting in around 6000 frames. 
    These individual frames are then stacked in
    AutoStakkert2 and then using around
    25 % of the best frames.  The resultant stack is
    then processed in Registax 6 and then Photoshop.